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If you find a swarm - read this


If you find a swarm which needs collecting, we have swarm collectors who will help. The swarm collectors are very busy during the swarming season and are not always able to answer calls immediately.  They have no budget for operating this service.  Please note that many beekeepers also have day jobs and it is likely you will have to wait for a response.  Please be patient and understand we are a group of voluntary local beekeepers.  We are not a commercial operation providing a 24/7 swarm collection service.


We are only able to deal with honey bees NOT wasps or bumble bees.  If you are not sure PLEASE CHECK HERE. Our aim is to remove the live swarm (depending on its location), not destroy it.  The beekeeper may charge expenses for this service.  Our beekeepers are all local enthusiasts and not commercial beekeepers or pest control officers.  Whilst swarm collection is not our responsibility, we are happy to help if we can. 


SBKA Swarm collectors for 2024 are:

Sid Blackwell - 07392 347600 or 01453 860556 

Peter Lead  -  07768 881950

Ian Macdonald -  01453 834715

Cherry McClarron - 07485 265759

Brian Bertram - 01453 872796

Will O'Brien - 07931 531742

Colin Baker - 01453 298395

A small swarm .

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