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Sales / wanted / exchange

SBKA Members - advertise your stuff here

Bees wanted

Honey wanted

Honey in buckets is wanted by our apiary manager Ian.

All bucket will be returned. Contact Ian here


Honey Extractor

SBKA members can borrow the branch honey extractor by contacting the branch secretary here

Bees, Hives and clothing

Rose OSB boxes for sale from SBKA apiary, assembled or flat pack (new from Thornes). These boxes are the same size as nationals and national parts will fit so standard floor and rood can be used. More info can be found here and here.  

£10.00 each assembled or flat pack. Contact Cherry on 07485 165759

National hives in western red cedar and polyhive for sale including frames and foundation. All ready for bees.

Also jumbo feeders for sale.

Hives £80 ea, Polyhive £100 and jumbo feeders £20ea. Pictures below

Contact Webmaster for more details.

A member is looking for a nuc of bees to replace a lost colony over winter.

If you can help, please contact Sue Oakey here

National supers wanted

National supers wanted, with or without frames. Contact Sue Oakey here

Beeswax wanted

Jemima Parry from Dursley wants to buy local beeswax

Sites for bees

If you are thinking of offering sites for bees, it is advisable to read the information from the BBKA website below which give valuable information that that needs to be considered. 

Land for bees

Bees, neighbours and siting an apiary


Space to host hives is available in gardens in the following areas:

Brimscombe, Stroud.

Contact Webmaster for more details

For sales or wanted ads: contact SBKA Webmaster

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